Sunday, 23 February 2020

Richmond - Legion Br. 625

Location:  City of Ottawa    
N 45.175852   W 75.841429
In front of the Legion, 6430 Ottawa Street West.

Named after Charles Lennox 4th Duke of Richmond, Richmond Ontario, now part of Ottawa, was founded in 1818. Selected by the British Army, Richmond was one of the first military settlement in the area after the war or 1812. The military relinquished the control of the village of Richmond in 1822.

This location has 3 types of memorials.  A cairn, a headstone and a mural.

The cairn, about 6 ft tall has 4 plaques honouring the memory of the Peacekeepers, the soldiers of the War of 1812, WWI, WWII and the members of The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 625.

*Thanks once again to Louise Bellec for the photos and description.

Plaques:                 ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION
                                   Dedicated to the memory of
                                   past, current, and future members of
                                   Branch 625 Royal Canadian Legion
                                   Richmond and District Ontario

                                     MILITARY SETTLEMENT

                                Dedicated to memory of the soldiers
                                and their families who created the
                                Military Settlement of Richmond.
                                The strenght of purpose of
                                those first settlers from
                                the 100th Regiment of Foot
                                following the end of
                                the War of 1812-1814 
                                will not be forgotten.

                                     WORLD WAR I AND II

                               Dedicated to the memory of
                               those from Richmond & District
                               who served in
                               the 1st or 2nd World War.
                               Their sacrifice will not be forgotten.
                               We will remember them.

                                 UNITED NATIONS AND
                                     NORTH ATLANTIC
                                 TREATY ORGANIZATION

                              Dedicated to the memory of all
                              those Civilian and Military who served in all
                              Peacekeeping activities throughout the world.
                              Their sacrifice will not be forgotten.
                              We will remember them.

This memorial looks more to me as a broken cross shaped headstone that had fallen perhaps done on purpose to match the inscription on the brick that is lying on it. It is at the foot of an encircled plant bed with the Canadian flag behind. It is a beautiful memorial that it is touching when one looks at it. Representing any soldier, I felt a little bit sad when I was looking at it. Thoughts going in my mind. Trying to imagine what they went through, a life cut short and many of them died young. They gave their lives so that we could live. 

Inscription on brick:                        FALLEN

Painted between July 1996 to September 1997, this mural was designed and executed by Becky Marr-Johnson, a local artist from North Gower. The Richmond Legion Mural is a 2 themed mural. The left side represents Richmond ON and its landmarks while the right side is more about the role of the Canadian Forces since WWI.