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Location:   Nipissing District    N 46 15.734  W 79 17.549
At the corner of Highway 94 and Corbeil Road.

A very nice tribute to the veterans of East Ferris Township, this memorial was unveiled on June 6th, 2012.  The memorial is unique in several ways.  The names of the honoured veterans are remembered in individual stones in the memorial walkway, along with the names of the various local sponsors of this project.  The main stone of the memorial is very simple, with few words.
The three main branches of the Canadian Forces are recognized with a display of an anchor, an armoured vehicle and the model of an aircraft.

The anchor has no plaque or information attached to give any indication of its background, other than to recognize the Royal Canadian Navy with a fine piece of equipment.

The armoured vehicle is an M113 A2 Armoured Personnel Carrier, to honour those who served in the Canadian Army.  A small info plaque gives the history of this type of APC.

The Royal Canadian Air Force is honoured with a propeller and a beautiful model of a Canadair Cp-107 Argus, handcrafted by local artist Reg Fournier of Corbeil.  This is a wonderful model and quite well done, likely the highlight of the entire memorial.

Behind the memorial is a walkway dedicated to those on the Cenotaph Committee.

Marker text:


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