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Parry Sound - Chief Francis Pegahmagabow


Location:  Parry Sound District   N 45 20.365  W 80 02.313
On Bay Street, near the Harbour.  Next to the Charles W. Stockey Centre and Bobby Orr Museum.

Recently much has been written and produced to honour Corporal Francis Pegahmagabow, a native of the Parry Island Ojibwa Band and hero of World War I.  He later became Chief of his band and lead a full and fruitful life.
I refer to these links to learn more of this great man and his accomplishments:

The memorial is situated with a beautiful view of Georgian Bay.  It was unveiled in June 2016 with much fanfare and celebration.  The memorial is a bronze statue of Pegahmagabow in his uniform, flanked by an a eagle and a caribou.  The only writing on the statue is a small plaque recognizing the name of the artwork and the sculptor.  A second plaque beside the statue gives a brief synopsis of his history, written in English, French and Ojibwa.  A smaller nearby plaque recognizes those responsible for the creation of this beautiful memorial.

Canada owes a great debt of thanks to Francis Pegahmagabow and his fellow native brothers across the country who have fought so gallantly in all major wars and conflicts.  This wonderful memorial is a tribute to the bravery of all these people.

Marker text:
Francis Pegahmagabow - Hero of the Great War
June 21, 2016
Sculptor:  Tyler Fauvelle

Chief Francis Pegahmagabow
c. 1889 - 1952

 Francis Pegahmagabow, a superior scout and sniper during the First World War, served overseas with the Canadian Expeditionary Force.  In Canada's history, no other Indigenous soldier has ever received as many battle awards.  Born in Shawanaga First Nation (Caribou Clan), he settled at Wasauksing First Nation after the war.  Twice elected Chief, he became a passionate advocate for Indigenous  rights.

(repeated in French)

Brave in war, brave in peace
June 21, 2016

(repeated in Ojibwa)

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