Saturday, 11 February 2012

Kingston - Fort Frontenac


Location:  N 44° 14.002 W 076° 28.710  At the entrance to the National Defence College, on Ontario Street, beside the Wolfe Island ferry.

Originally the site of a French fort, built in 1673, now the site of the National Defense College.  Here stood Fort Cataraqui or Frontenac built by Count de Frontenac in July, 1673, and rebuilt by La Salle in 1675. For many years the key to the West, the base of La Salle's explorations and a French outpost against the Iroquois and English. Abandoned 1689, rebuilt 1696, captured by British troops under Colonel John Bradstreet, 27th August, 1758.
There are several plaques on the archway, marking this as a National Historic Site and the honouring the men who have served here.

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