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Location:  N 44° 53.652 W 075° 10.801  At the foot of Ottawa Street, in a park along the St. Lawrence River, near the picnic shelter.

This is a very interesting memorial. The front shows the long list of names lost in the conflicts of WW1, WW2, and Korea. Also shows the Legion crest, representing the contributions of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 48.  On the reverse side off this memorial shows the names of all the committee members responsible for the monument and also scenes from the Morrisburg area, both past and present.

Front Centre:


Front Left:
G Anderson, W Baker, F Barclay, J H Barkley, R W Barkley, H Beckstead, W Bell, E Bennet, G A Biccum,  R Bouck, G Bowman, W H Bowman, W Burneau, D C Bradfield t, F Bradfield, G Bradfield, R Bradfield, F H Broder, F S Broder, W Broder, C A Cameron, D W Campbell, J Campbell, C O Carson, I J Carson, A Cassel, H Cassel, A C Casselman, A Casselman, A F Casselman, E D Casselman, H Casselman, I N Casselman, I E Casselman, L W Casselman, J M Casselman, R C Casselman, R L Casselman, T I Casselman, W Casselman, J Cassie, A M Castleman, L P Chalmers, C Coir, H Coir, W K Coir, L Colouhoun, S Connolly, B Connor, H Contway, G Cook, D S Coons, C Coulee, H Coyle, G D Dardis, R N Davy, F E Deeks, D Denesha, H Denesha, H Deschamp, O Deschamp, E Duval, K C Duval, W Duval, K Duvall, G B Elliott, W Empey, E Fetterly, O Fetterly, C Ford, F Fox, H Fox, J H Froats t, C W Gale, A Gamble, H Gamble, R Gamble, A Gillespie, C H Gillespie t, J J Gillespie, C Gillard, J S Goodfellow, S Gordon, E Grey, A H Gunn, D Hanson, J G Harvey, O G Harper t, G Hayunga, P Heagle, R Helmer, N Hickey, F Hilliard, H Holden, J B Holmes, S Holmes, W Hutchins, G Lapierre, G E Lavis t, C Lewis t, C Loucks, A Jamieson, C Jamieson, E Jannack, C Jarvis, H J Jarvis, G J Jones, J Joques, J Joques, V J Karkruff, F C MacDonald, D A McGillvary, D J McGillvary, W McGillvary, F McIntosh, G C McKenzie, W McKenzie, E Martin, W E Markell, H W Massey, C Mead, G H Meikle t, H L Merkley, O Merkley t, C W Millward, E Millward, R H Moore, F Munroe t,E A Myers, R Myers, F A Nash, F M Nash, C Prunner t, F Quickfall t, A S Reddick, J Reddick, P C Reynolds, F Rice t, A Riddel, C Robertson,
D A Robertson, H D Robertson, J H Robertson, M A Robertson, P F Robertson, N Rooks, N Rose, W Rose, B Ryan, D Ryan, W Shaw, B Sherman, E Smith, T Smith, W Smith, D G Staia, K T Staia t, J F Steed, J Stephenson, E Stitt, G Stitt, G Strike, R Strike, L Styles, C Summers, A G Taylor, I Tinkess t, A I Van Allen, L F Van Allen, A Vipond, G Watkins, H Watkins, H Weagant, J Weagant, W Weaver, B G Weegar, C H Weegar, C Wells, H K Wells t, H S Wingard t, A F Wood, P Wood, O Woods t, W Wright, J Wyrt t, T E Zeron, W Reddick

B Aikman, F Ault, M Ault, A C Baker, D M Baker, G F Baker, G S Baker, G Barlow, A O Barclay, O A Barkley, H  H Beaupre, K E Beaupre, H H Beckstead, P Beckstead, R K Beckstead, G H Becksted, A E Blackman, C F Blancher, W R Boulerice, F Bowman, R H Cameron, D Campbell, M Carkner, P Carson, E G Carter, E R Caskanette, L Caskanette, P A Caskanette, V R Caskanette, F Cassell, W M Cassell, C Casselman, D G Casselman, D J Casselman t, E Casselman, G Casselman, H Casselman, H Casselman, J B Casselman, J O Casselman, R C Casselman, J Christensen, C W Clark, L W Clark, N J Clark, I D Cochrane, E K Coir, R D Coir, A A Coligan, B A Coligan, G L Coligan, P A Coligan, A Colouhoun, R Colouhoun, S Connolly, G Coons, H L Coons, W W Coons t, I H Coyle, G B Crober, B Cummings, R Cummings t, V R Cummings, J Davies, K Davies, C W Dafoe, D C Dawley, G S Dawley, P Deeks, D Deeks, M E Desrosiers, F G Devaul, W Dillabough, C W Dillen, S G Dillen, K Duval, S A Duval, J Dodge, C P Eamon, C J Eamon, R H Eamon, W L Eamon, K M Farlinger, S A Farlinger, F Fetterley, A J Foulds, G A Foulds, R A Foulds, R D Gamble, D Graham, T Graham, W L Gordier, H G Guay, F Hall, W Hall, O G Harper, G L Henophy, H A Henophy, W Henophy, G Hess, G Hess, RC Hummel, A A Hummell, G C Hummell, J C Hummell, M H Hummell

Front Right:
R F Hummell, D I Hutt, H Ing, G S James, E A Jarvis t, G H Jarvis, G Jenkinson, D L Jones, A Kerr, T Kerr, R L Kincaid, C Lapierre, E A Lapierre, G W Lapierre, P T Laurin, C A Locke, D A Loucks, J A MacDonald, J MacLaren, R MacLaren, K A Maitland, J I Mallen, J L Magee, S E Martin, A McAllum, N D McGillis, N R McGillis, A McGillvary, A McGillvary, W McGillvary, K B McGowan t, J McIntyre, N McIntyre, R McIntyre, A A McKoy, E McKoy, G R McKoy, J W McKoy t, W D McKoy, D McMartin, C S Merrill, S Meikle, R C Merkley, G M Meyer, B L Millward, J D Millward, O E Millward, C A Mitchel, P Montgomery, J E Mullin, I E Mullin, J K Murray, E J Myers, H Myers, R Myers, J J Neilan, J A O'Malley, H O'Malley, M O'Malley, D O'Shoughnesy, T R Parker, J A Payton, D Philips, K Philips, B R Price, C R Reddick t, D G Reddick, I A Redmond, C B Reid, C H Reid, J R Reid, J E Rice, J R Rice, B Riddel, A J Robertson t, M A Robertson, T Robertson, G L Robinson, H Robinson, H I Robinson, L K Robinson, D R Robinson, W J Robinson, W Roderick, E Roy, W A Ryder, K E Saddelmire, G E Salmon, F B Schell, E T Seymour, A D Shaver t, A W Smith, G A Smith, H L Smith, P R Smith, R Smith, S Smith, P D Stata, E Stitt, K J Stitt, D Stevenson, J Stevenson, G Styles, D Swayne, H Swayne, E Sypes, G W Thom, A F Tindal t, G W Tindal, T H Tindal, B Timmins, C A Tuttle, F W Toshack, K B Utman t, C VanAllen, D E VanAllen t, J I Vaughan, J E Wallace, R Warne, T I Warner, O Warren, C F Weagant, G G Weagant, L Weagant, L Weagant, C F Weegar, G A Weegar, F P Wells, E A Weir, J Werley, A Williams, D S Willard, S M White, J A Carr, R E Merkley, D H Serviss, W E Mongor

P Beckstead, F Black, R Cochrane, J C Deeks, C Hall, D Hummell, R H Hummell, D Jones, R Loper, B Lynch, W McKoy, S Myers, R J Shannette, J Steward, T W Casselman

Rear Centre:

President     Cameron H Martel
1st V.P.        Lloyd Merkley
2nd V.P.       Ronald McLean
3rd V.P.       Neil Robertson
Secretary     Stuart F. Hogue
Treasurer     John Rice

Glen Barkley               Judy Laurin
Donald Ferguson         Saralyn Mabo
Robert Howald            Thomas W. McCutcheon
Ross Hummell              J. Richard Vaughan

Ross Hummell            Cameron H Martel
Edwin R. Rice            John Rice


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