Monday, 2 April 2012

Port Perry - RCL Br. 419

Location:  N 44° 06.422 W 078° 57.365   On the SE corner of Old Simcoe Road and Bay Street, in front of the Legion.

Royal Canadian Legion Branch #419 in Port Perry. Features a very active community legion and a nice memorial in front. I am told that they have a tremendous Rememberance Day ceremony at this location, with lots of community support and many active members.

Marker text:

Pte W. Belknar, Lieut  C. T. Bruce, Pte A. Clark, Pte F. H. Clark, Pte H. Thomas, Pte J. Britton, Lieut A. B. Doubt, Pte D. Elliot, Pte G. Fines, Pte E. Grey, Pte W. Giebmer. Pte J. Fox, Cpl G. Hood, Pte E. Hooey, Lieut H. F. Ireland, Pte M. King, Pte H. Kettle, Pte J. Kimberley, Pte E. Johnston, Pte J. L. Leask, Pte A. Moughton, Pte R. McGill, Pte W. Midgley, L.Cpl G. Parrett, Pte C. Real, Pte L. T. Raines, Pte A. Stone, Pte H. Slaughter, Pte I. Taylor, Pte H. G. William, Cpl A. E. Alldred, Pte A. Jeffrey, Pte F. Jefferiss, Pte J. Laidlaw, Pte A. Shakleford, Pte J. Summers, Pte A. H. Tarrant, Pte P. Truss, Pte M. J. Watson, Lieut E. D. Wallace, Pte P. W. Ward, Pte R. Wilson, Pte H. E. White, Pte W. Giebner, Pte J. Johnston, Pte G. Williams, Pte H. Clark

PO W. M. Alldred, Pte F. A. Andrews, Pte G. Dodsley, Lt R. S. Hillier, FO T. W. Leahy, FO G. Mulligan, FO J. G. MacMaster, Sgt M. Spears, Sgt W. R. Willard, Lieut W. S. Miller, LAC R. Whiteside, Pte T. C. Hayden, LC T. Meneely, FO W. W. Hughli, Pte W. Leacock, Pte H. Mahaffy, Pte R. Dingman, Pte D. G. Staple, FO A. S. Armour, Pte C. Wilson, Pte L. Williams


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