Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Out of disc space

**Sadly, I have apparently used up more than my allowable space for photographs on this blog site.  Not sure what my next option will be, perhaps either closing it down, or moving to a different location.

UPDATE AS OF 11/22/12:   **Thanks to Nathan Ng for showing me a way to continue, using Photobucket.  A little more labour intensive, but it works, so I shall carry on.


  1. You might consider using an image hosting service such as photobucket (which is free). Then when inserting a photo instead of choosing 'upload file' you choose 'From a URL'. (and you paste in the URL from Photobucket)

    That way you don't have to switch from this specific blog, or move.

  2. Alternately, I don't believe that photos uploaded to Google+ photo albums count against any disk space limits (as long as they are less than 2048X2048)... Those photos can be found by selecting 'Picasa Web Albums' when you're inserting the photos.

    [obviously you'd need to set up your google+ account in order to do this]

    I forgot to mention in my previous comment: great blog! The posts are fascinating and it's neat to know someone is out there documenting these memorials.


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