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Location:  Peterborough County  N 44 25.817  W 078 08.231
On the east side of the corner of Mill and Water Streets.

This memorial is dedicated to those brave men of Dummer Township who gave their lives in the First World War.  Erected in 1921, by the local memorial committee.  A stone soldier stands at attention at the top of the memorial, while below him inscribed in the stone are the words 'OUR HEROES'.  A brass plaque lists the names and dates of death of these local heroes.  Seeing the dates of the day they fell, gives a sad feel to the loss of a small community, as indeed the last days of the Great War were the most devastating.

Marker text:


Pte. Gordon H.D. Carveth  5th C.M.R.  Apr. 24, 1916
Pte. Norman Darling  8th C.M.R.  May 14, 1916
Pte. Henry Joseph Kelly  5th C.M.R.  June 6, 1916
Pte. Edward Grout  52nd Batt.  Jan.16, 1917
Pte. William Batten  96th Batt.  Apr. 9, 1917
Pte. Percy T.W. Cooper  93rd Batt.  Apr. 9, 1917
Pte. William R. Forbes  10th Batt.   Apr. 9, 1917
Pte. Percy Brew  102nd Batt.  May 14, 1917
Pte. Francis E. Armstrong  51st Batt.  June 3, 1917
L. Cpt. Stanley Thompson  5th C.M.R.  June 12, 1917
L. Cpt. Clayton R. Selkirk  5th C.M.R.  June 23, 1917
Pte. Isaac Hampton  195th Batt.  Aug. 16, 1917
Pte. Hilliard C. Kidd  46th Batt.  Aug. 21, 1917
Pte. Ernest Bell  93rd Batt.  Oct. 4, 1917
Pte. Percy M. Lemay  5th C.M.R.  Oct. 28, 1917
Pte. Thomas O. Hawthorne  51st Batt.  Nov. 10, 1917
Pte. Henry J. Murphy  77th Batt.  Sept. 15, 1916
Pte. Charles E. Rogers  235th Batt.  Jan. 7, 1918
Pte. Ira T.R. Snelgrove  54th Batt.  Aug. 8, 1918
Pte. Gordon F. Calberry  25th Batt.  Aug. 18, 1918
Pte. Herbert V. Calberry  1st DP Batt.  Sept. 30, 1918
Pte. Wilburt McCracken  9th C.M.R.  Oct. 10, 1918
Pte. William J. Newman  93rd Batt.  Oct. 11, 1918
Pte. Percy H. Drain  6th Can. Res.  Oct. 28, 1918
Pte. Stanley Kidd  93rd Batt.  Nov. 17, 1918
Pte. Lawrence Murtach  93rd Batt.  Apr. 4, 1917
Pte. Oswald Alexander  187th Batt.  June 25, 1917
Pte. Stanley James  "C" Battery  June 16, 1916
Pte. Robert E. Emery  93rd Batt.  June 11, 1920
Cpl. Allen Ray  52nd Batt.  Oct. 11, 1920
Pte. Thomas A. Walbridge  21st Batt.  Nov. 17, 1917
Pte. Jacob Quackenbush  5th C.M.R.  Sept. 27, 1918

1914 - 1918

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