Sunday 27 December 2020

Carleton Place - Capt. Roy Brown Statue



Location:  Lanark County    N 45.140927   W -76.147406

In Lolly's Park, 200 Bridge Street, just north of Central Bridge.


This memorial is one one of the newest in Ontario,  unveiled on November 29, 2020.  It is a statue of Captain Arthur Roy Brown, the Great War flying ace credited for bringing down Baron Manfred Von Richthofen, the legendary Red Baron.  Although controversy will always follow the cause of the Baron's demise, generally sources give credit to Capt. Brown for firing the fatal shot.  The 2.1 metre bronze statue of our World War I hero sitting on a stone wall and looking skyward.

The artist who created this detailed statue is David Clendining of Summit Studios in nearby Ottawa.  Situated in Lolly's Park, the memorial features a curved stone wall with the statue at one end and a bronze relief plaque and propeller in the centre.  The bronze plaque depicts an artists rendition of the dog fight between Brown and Richthofen and a full-size bronze propeller stands beside it.  There are no other plaques or signs at the location, although that could change in the future.

There are several small museums in the village of Carleton Place that feature displays about Captain Brown and the Great War.  He is certainly the most famous resident to come out of this small town and the folks here are tremendously proud of that heritage. 


For more information about the statue and Capt. Brown, I suggest the Roy Brown Society website:

 ***Very special thanks to my fellow researcher Louise Bellec for the excellent photos.  As there is no actual marker at this time with any text, I will include many more photos than usual so you can appreciate the detail of this magnificent statue.


This plaque is not found at this memorial, its is found at the cenotaph.