Saturday, 8 May 2021

Parry Sound - Algonquin Regiment


Location:  Parry Sound District     N 45 20.350   W -80 02.284

At the east end of the parking lot for the Bobby Orr Museum, next to the fitness trail.


This memorial is dedicated to the 342 men of the Algonquin Regiment that died as result of World War II.  It stands very nearby to the Francis Pegahmagabow Statue, the greatest war hero to come out of this area.  I will let the accompanying signage tell the story of this famous regiment and its role in WWII.


Marker text:

Story sign:

The Algonquin Regiment

The Algonquin Regiment evolved from the Northern Pioneers formed after

World War I from a number of northern Ontario military units.  When the

Algonquin Regiment was mobilized for active service on July 22, 1940,

its purpose was to assist in the defeat of Adolph Hilter's Nazi Germany and

its allies.  130 men from the Parry Sound area flocked to join A Company of

the Algonquins at local recruiting centres.

Over the next 5 years they trained in Canada and England, then saw active

service in Normandy, Belgium and Holland.  On May 7th, 1945, the Algonquin

Regiment's long road ended as they stood victorious beyond the Rhine in

the German town of Rastede.  On many occasions, from Normandy through

to Germany, its was the Algonquin task to establish bridgeheads across the

rivers and canals through which the Fourth Division advanced.  Hence our

motto "Ne-Ka-Ne-Tah"(We lead, others follow).

The cost in human terms was 1300 killed, wounded, and missing in action.

372 of this number gave their lives as the price for freedom we enjoy

today.  Their names are forever recorded on the monument you see here.





1939 - 1945

Roll of Honour

Their memory cherished in the land they loved

Officers Killed In Action

Major W.S. MacPherson

Captain D.W. Dymond

Captain J.M. Jewell

Captain T.P. Richardson

Captain R.A. Scott


F.E. Wright

Lieut.  D.B. Armstrong

Lieut. W.J. Boisvert

Lieut. A.M. Burslem

Lieut. T.C.W. Byrnes

Lieut. N.A. Christopherson

Lieut. J.C. Fraser

Lieut. R.J.O. Hamilton

Lieut. H.G. Hosack

Lieut. G.J. Hunter

Lieut. W.M. Jackson

Lieut. W.A. McKeon

Lieut. G.C. Mowry

Lieut. W.E. O'Donnell

Lieut. C. Ratte

Lieut. E.L. Roberts

Died of Wounds

Captain T.L. Alexander

Captain F.W. Grafton

Captain R.C. McNairn

Lieut. T.C. Dutcher

Lieut. R.L. Richard

Other Ranks Killed In Action

Cpl. Allemang, H.E.

L.Cpl. Amundson, S.

Pte. Anderson, F.L.

Pte. Anderson, H.M.

Pte. Armstrong, R.O. 

Pte. Ashcroft, W.J.

L.Cpl. Asplund, B.A.

Pte. Atwood W.C.

Pte. Auld, J.W.

Pte. Ayres, E.C.

Pte. Baker, K.D.

Pte. Barclay, P.W.

CQMS Barlow, J.J.

Pte. Barnard, W.E.

Cpl. Barron. S.M.

Pte. Bateman, J.R.

Cpl. Beckingham, E.E.

Pte. Beers, J.

Pte. Benere, R.F.

Pte. Benjamin, C.M.

Pte. Bertrand, C.D.

Pte. Bird, E.A.W.

L.Sgt. Black, D.G.

Sgt. Bolan, M.M.

Pte. Bolger, B.

Sgt. Boppre, G.M.

Sgt. Borthwick, J.J.

Pte. Bouchard, W.J.

L.Cpl. Bowman, G.E.

Pte. Boyd, A.

Cpl. Boyd, L.M.

Pte.  Boyko, P.

Pte. Brasseur, P.

Pte. Brenna, J.J.G.

Pte. Brisson, J.G.

Pte. Bromilow, J.

Pte. Brown, G.S.

Sgt. Brown, G.W.E.

Pte. Brown, N.L.

Pte. Brown, T.

Pte. Brown, W.B.

Pte. Brunelle, P.

Pte. Brydges, W.R.

L.Cpl. Bugler, H.G.

Pt.e Burnett, S.A.

Cpl. Burns, G.J.

Pte. Burton, J.T.

Pte. Byers, A.L.

Pte. Cadzow, J.

Cpl. Caldell, L.

Pte. Cameron, H.P.

Pte. Campbell, J.D.

Cpl. Campbell, P.D.

Pte. Cantlon, C.C.

Pte. Carlson, C.W.

Pte. Carruthers, J.B.

L.Cpl. Cascanette, R.J.

Pte. Chaisson, A.

Cpl. Charette, P.V.

Pte. Chedore, K.H.

Pte. Chippewa, D.W.

Pte. Chisolm, E.D.

Pte. Clark, S.

Pte. Clarke, W.J.

L.Sgt. Cochrane, C.G.

Pte. Cole, N.F.

Cpl. Conn, H.P.

Pte. Cook, W.B.

Pte. Cooney, H.A.

Pte. Copley, E.

Pte. Cosens, W.J.

Pte. Cote, A.J.

Pte. Coull, W.J.

Pte. Cowley, J.

Pte. Crawley, G.E.

Cpl. Creeman, R.T.

Pte. Crilley, W.F.

Pte. Crue, E.J.

Pte. Cunningham, B.J.

Pte. Davison, D.

Pte. DeBay, T.G.V.

L.Cpl. Dent, L.A.

Pte. Deon, J.

L.Cpl. Diamond, G.M.

Pte. Dietch, J.J.

Pte. Donald, A.P.

Sgt. Downey, J.P.

Sgt. Downie, W.I.

Pte. Drake, R.

Pte. Duff, R.S.

Pte. Duncanson, K.D.

Pte. Dunett, W.N.

Pte. Dunn, T.S.

Pte. Dunn, W.E.

Pte. Dusomme, W.J.P.

Sgt. Dwyer, A.M.

L.Cpl. Dyball, W.L.

Pte. Eagles, K.W.

Cpl. Ellenwood, R.W.

Pte. Elliott, R.S.

Cpl. Ellis, G.A.

Pte. Erison, R.J.

Pte. Farrell, C.C.

Cpl. Farrow, D.B.

Pte. Fast, J.

Pte. Favel, W.

L.Cpl. Fedoration, J.

Cpl. Feldman, H.

Pte. Fennah, W.F.

Pte. Fishbach, G.H.

Pte. Fitzgerald, G.L.

L.Cpl. Flynn, G.H.

Pte. Fogal, J.M.

Pte. Ford, G.

Pte. Foster, F.E.

Pte. Frain, R.L.

Pte. Fraser, R.W.

Cpl. Freve, E.

L.Cpl. Funk, A.J.

Cpl. Gagnon, W.R.

Pte, Gauthier, J.L.

Pte. Gauthier, R.

Pte. Gawne, D.G.

Cpl. Gibbons, D.J.

Pte. Gilhuly, G.J.

Pte. Girardin, R.W.

Pte. Giunta, E.

Pte. Goguen, C.R.

Pte. Gordon, A.N.

Pte. Gordon, D.E.

Pte. Gore, B.

Pte. Grant, M.

Pte. Green, J.H.

Pte. Gregoire, R.

Pte. Grubb, C.M.

Pte. Hall, V.S.

Pte. Hamilton, E.D.

Pte. Hammond, D.J.

L.Cpl. Hansen, T.

Pte. Hardwick, H.F.

Pte. Hastings, E.

Pte. Hemphill, A.S.

Pte. Henry, J.

Pte. Hill, S.

Pte. Hilts, E.L.

Cpl. Hockenstein, B.

Pte. Hodgson, C.W.

Cpl. Hoelke, E.O.

Pte. Holiday, J.

L.Cpl. Hooper, R.E.

Sgt. Horne, R.E.

Pte. Hryciuk, M.

L.Cpl. Hubbard, P.H.

Pte. Hudson, D.T.

Pte. Hurlin, W.R.

Pte. Husak, P.

Pte. Hyland, J.E.

Pte. Ingraham, H.S.

Sgt. Irwin, C.C.

Pte. Jackman, F.W.

Pte. Jaeger, D.A.

Pte. Johnson, A.L.

Pte. Johnson, C.L.

Pte. Johnson, J.V.

Pte. Johnson, L

Pte. Johnston, E.T.

Pte. Jones, J.

Pte. Kelly, G.R.

L.Cpl. Kennedy, S.D.

Pte. Kennedy, W.D.

Pte. Keown, C.E.

Pte.  Klein, A.

Pte. Klingbile, C.H.

Pte. Lacombe, R.J.

Cpl. Lafontaine, W.J.I.

Pte. Lally, W.G.

Pte. Lamontagne, L.P.

Pte. Lanoue, O.

Pte. Larocque, L.R.

Pte. Legault, J.W.

Pte. Lerue, A.G.

Pte. Lesperance, L.J.

Pte. Lewis, J.W.

Pte. Lewis, W.H.

Pte. Linkie, W.H.

Sgt. Lintick, R.G.B.

Pte. Lone, J.P.

Pte. Lucas, L.E.

Pte. Lundy, G.V.J.

Pte. MacDonald, A.E.

Pte. MacLeod, J.A.

Pte. Marabella, A.R.

L.Cpl. May, G.J.

Pte. McAngus, D.S.

Pte. McCallum, R.

Cpl. McClory, J.I.

Pte. McCurry, A.

Pte. McEachern, G.B.

Pte. McKellar, D.A.

Sgt. McWhirter, R.E.

Pte. Meyer, V.L.

Pte. Michaelis, A.T.

Pte. Miller, F.

Pte. Milley, F.S.

Pte. Morrison, E.H.

CSM Morrison, J.W.

Pte. Morrison, M.R.

Pte. Murphy, G.W.

RSM Murray, A.G.

Sgt. Myers, M.D.

L.Cpl. Nanibush, C.

Pte. Nicol, E.L.

Pte. O'Callaghan, L.P.

Pte. Oliver, R.D.

Pte. O'Neil, J.H.

Pte. Page, V.H.

L.Sgt. Paine, E.W.

Cpl. Parysek, J.W.

Pte. Patterson, H.L.

Pte. Pattison, F.K.

Pte. Pearson, J.

L.Cpl. Pepin, A.J.

Cpl. Perry, L.V.

CSM Petta, A.

Pte. Pettipas, L.F.

Pte. Phillips, G.F.

Pte. Piche, E.J.

Pte. Pipe, D.J.

Pte. Poole, R.N.

Pte. Prescott, H.R.

Pte. Price, W.B.D.

CSM Primeau, A.J.

Pte. Primrose, S.

Pte. Prysiaznuk, J.

Pte. Quevillon, L.J.

Pte. Reaves, C.V.

Pte. Redden, J.W.

Cpl. Reed, R.R.

Pte. Reeves, O.J.

L.Cpl. Reinhart, J.A.

Pte. Richards, M.J.

Pte. Richards, R.A.

Cpl. Ridell, C.W.

Pte. Rochejocquelein, H.A.

Pte. Rogers, C.A.

Pte. Rosinski, B.P.

Pte. Roth, L.W.

L.Cpl. Rutherford, W.

Pte. Scriver, F.R.

L.Cpl. Scully, J.M.

Pte. Shale, E.

Pte. Shanks, R.S.

Pte. Sheffield, C.P.

Cpl. Sheppard, M.G.

Pte. Simmons, J.A.

Pte. Sims, R.V.

Pte. Smail, G.A.

Pte. Smith, H.F.

Pte. Smith, H.M.

L.Cpl. Smith, J.W.

Pte. Smith, L.P.

Pte. Smith, M.A.C.

Pte. Sorenson, R.

Sgt. Speck, J.H.

L.Cpl. Spiers, V.E.

Pte. Stacy, W.W.

Pte. Starko, N.M.

L.Cpl. Steele, R.

CQMS Steele, W.S.

Pte. Stephen, P.C.

L.Cpl. Sullivan, W.J.

Pte. Theriault, L.

Pte. Therrien, J.P.

Pte. Thomas, S.

Pte. Tinndal, C.F.

Pte. Tracy, R.J.

Cpl. Turner, A.V.

Pte. Turner, S.

Cpl. Turpin, A.

Pte. Visser, G.

Cpl. Ward, F.

L.Sgt. Webb, I.L.

Pte. Weiler, R.J.

Pte. Welin, L.

Pte. West, H.E.

Pte. Whalley, C.M.

Pte. Wilkinson, F.W.

Pte. Williams, B.G.A.

Pte. Wood, C.W.

Pte. Woods, A.J.

Pte. Wright, G.A.

Pte. Yaholnitsky, N.

Pte. Young, H.R.


Died of Wounds

Pte. Allen, A.H.

Pte. Anthony, E.M.

Pte. Bootland, F.

Pte. Brannen, A.M.

Pte. Brown, J.L.

Pte. Bungay, A.

Pte. Burke, H.

Pte. Butterfield, J.H.

Pte. Campbell. M.P.

Pte. Clowery, A.P.

Pt.e Conn, E.E.

Pte. Davidson, W.C.

L.Cpl. Davison, D.

Pte. Davison, E.A.

Pte. Durocher, W.A.

Pte. Ellis, S.

Pte. Fisher, F.W.

Cpl. Fisher, W.J.K.

Cpl. Fortes, J.R.L.

Pte. Fyall, J.S.

Pte. Gates, G.A.

Pte. Gilbert, G.

Sgt. Grawbarger, J.A.B.

Pte. Grodecki, D.

Pte. Hall, H.D.

Cpl. Henry, R.G.

Pte. Horvath, A.J.

Pte. Ives, A.H.

Pte. Johnson, L.

Pte. Koshney, A.

Pte. Laurila, S.E.

Pte. McCooeye, W.F.

L.Cpl. Murrell, R.J.

Pte. Myers, W.J.

Pte. O'Neil, e.h.

Pte. Oxley, D.A.

Pte. Rogers, D.S.

Pte. Saunders, H.N.

Pte. Smale, R.E.

L.Sgt. Steele, C.F.

Pte. Stonehouse, W.J.I.

Pte. Stuart, D.

Cpl. Talbot, C.G.

Pte. Thom, D.M.

Sgt. Turner, H.

Cpl. Westbrook, W.E.

Accidentally Killed

Pte. Churchill, B.W.

Pte. Cybolsky, G.S.

Pte. Flamain, P.C.

Pte. Houston, R.D.

Pte. Hughes, K.G.

Pte. McKee, H.W.E.

Pte. Moffat, M.D.

Pte. Mulhern, P.W.

Pte. Nickila, T.W.

L.Cpl. Richardson, R.E.

Sgt. Sammon, R.J.

Pte. Sheculski, F.

Pte. Shuker, L.

Pte. Stennett, J.E.

L.Sgt. Tough, W.M.









Sunday, 2 May 2021



Location:  Durham Region     N 43.95734   W -78.96311

In front of the Brooklin Community Centre and Library, 8 Vipond Road.


This memorial was unveiled in September 2019, after a long fundraising campaign by the Branch 152 of the Royal Canadian Legion.   The total cost of the memorial was expected to be $82,700, funded mostly by the Legion, Veterans Affairs Canada and local town council.  Previously the Remembrance Day ceremonies were held at the Luther Vipond Memorial Arena, but due to increased traffic in that area and a small parking lot size, this location was chosen as a more suitable site for the new black granite cenotaph.  It is also a short walk from the Legion to this new location.  The memorial lists the major conflicts wars in which Canada has participated and an appropriate dedication to those who have served.  No names of the fallen appear on this memorial.  




Marker text:




















(Legion Crest)