Sunday 27 March 2022

Peterborough - Captain Edward T. Brown Memorial



Location:  City of Peterborough    N 44.30944    W -78.32032

At the north side of Confederation Square, at George Street North and McDonnell Street. 

This beautiful memorial was erected in May 1886 in memory of Captain Edward T. Brown, who died at the Battle of Batoche during the Northwest Rebellion in May 1885.  He was the only local militia member to have died during that conflict.  

The memorial was designed by Peterborough architect and engineer John E. Belcher.  Originally the ornate, Gothic-designed monument was located in another part of the park and was designed as a fountain.  With the unveiling of the cenotaph after WWI, this memorial was moved in 1929 to its current location in the same park.  In 1985, the centennial year for the battle, the memorial was restored.  The original engraving that was carved in the soft sandstone was barely legible, so a new plaque was installed and the fountain that had not functioned in several years was removed.

At one time, in the history of our young country, this elegant memorial was held is high esteem by the citizens of Peterborough.  While today it is still revered by those in the know, it is vastly overshadowed by the nearby cenotaph and its beautiful sculpture.  It is still important to remember the sacrifices made by individual volunteer soldiers during their time of service for their country.




Marker text:



A Tribute

to the

Canadian volunteers

and to the

memory of


of Boulton's Scouts,

a native of 

this county

who fell

at Batoche

May 12th, 1885







for the


of the




Saturday 19 March 2022

Shawanaga First Nation


Location:  Parry Sound District     N 45.51368   W -80.28695

In the small park area near the Shawanaga School, off Church Street.


This memorial is located on the lands of the Shawanaga First Nations, part of the larger Anishnabek Nation, which stretches across Ontario and throughout the Great Lakes region.  The First Nations have a long tradition of honour and bravery when it comes to defending our country in times of war and in peace.  The memorial found here was placed in remembrance of those who fought for freedom for all of us.  The Shawanaga Reserve is home to over 200 citizens and each year hosts a pow wow and community festivities.  Across the road from the park is a small and sad cemetery with several military headstones of those who served their country. 

Marker text:
















W. W. I

1914 - 1918

W. W. II

1939 - 1945


1950 - 1953


Sunday 13 March 2022



Location:  City of Ottawa     N 45.22724   W -75.68343

In Remembrance Park, 5517 Dickinson Street.

The Manotick Remembrance Park is found in a beautiful, historic area along the Rideau River.  The village is a small suburb of the City of Ottawa.  The memorial consists of three parts, all connected by a walking path.  

First is the cenotaph itself, the Manotick Cenotaph is composed of grey concrete and a metal plaque.  It is dedicated to the memory of men and women of the Allied Forces who made the supreme sacrifice for their country. The wrought iron fence surrounding the cenotaph was once installed at the residence of The Rt. Honourable Sir Robert Borden, Prime Minister of Canada from 1911 – 1920.

Second, is the Veterans' Walkway, which leads from the cenotaph to the historic Watson's Mill.  Veterans' Walkway is dedicated to those who served their countries in times of war, peace and peacekeeping. There is a dedication plaque at the start of the pathway of interlocking bricks and close to 200 bricks in the walkway dedicated to individual veterans or military units. 

 Finally, we have the Manotick Remembrance Park which was opened July 2, 2017 as a place to remember and to reflect on the contributions made by those who served their country in war and peace. There is statue of an old veteran holding hands with a young girl and several signs dedicated to the various branches of the Canadian Forces and to the history of the area.

**Special thanks the Louise Bellec for the photographs.


Marker text: 


In the memory of those men
and women of the Canadian and
Allied Forces, who made the
supreme sacrifice for
their country, in times of war,
peace or peacekeeping.













Veterans' Walkway:


This walkway is dedicated
to those men & women who served
thier countries in times of
war, peace & peacekeeping.

Their names are engraved with
loving memories, respect & gratitude.

Inscriptions on individual memorial bricks:

Pipe Major Samuel Scott

R. Armstrong MC Capt RCE

LCol R.G. Ashman CH of O 1914- 1988

Raymond Lessor Nav RCAF

W. David Adlam RCAF 1941- 1945

W/C Halsmith RCAF 1941- 75

Allan Quinn CH of O (MG)

R.A. Robson RCAF WW II

W.C. Lawrence 154th WW I

George Smith 58th Bn WW I

A.F.F. Brodic 1st Devonshire

Gordon Todd RCAF 1942- 69

W. barnes Tobruk

Sgt E. Menzie 1916- 1944

Frank Turner S/Sgt APTC

Adair Vallieres RCAF Radar WW II

Cliff Keeler Cameron Highlanders

C. Richardson Capt M.D. Army

Gordon Sheppard RCAF 1939- 1945

K. Richardson Maj PLDG

Ramsay Brown 191 Sqn India

O.B. Wilson MD RCAF Radar

LCol B.B. Alger Korea 1935- 91

Barbara Fromow WAAF

W. Keith Buck Capt & Adjt

David Fromow RCA Normandy

Eldon Brownlee RCAF 1940- 1945

Denis Murray DFC 1942

W.M. Goodwin Capt RCE MC

Robert R. Read Pvt RCAF

John J. Leo Shields RCAF

William Gray F/Sgt RCAF

Keith Cheyne 1957 RCAF 1995

Jack Sawyer Burma Star

P/O J.L. Dods 233 Squadron

A.E. Armstrong PPCLI WW I

Adelbert Kelly RCAC 1939- 45

Robert S. Grant RCCS 1938- 1945

Cpl G.A. Johnson RCE 1941- 45

William L. Shaver WW I

Arthur Ellis WO1 (RSM) REME

Clifford Shaver WW I

Fred Harris RC Sigs Korea

Russell Shaver WW I

Douglas Graham RCAF 1941- 45

WO1 H.W.E. Mullalieu WW II 1939- 45

F/O J.M. Kelly 415 Squadron (Merv)

CWO D.F. Meisner- Meisner Family

R.A. Simpson F/lt RCAF

Rob Murray Bdr Juno Beach 14th FA 1941- 46

H.W. Kennedy Army SDGH

Les Vaughan Bdr Burma Star 55th AA 1940- 46

L.H. Lyall Capt RCASC

John Boucher 1939- 1945

M.A. McElroy WW I

Arthur E. Boucher 1939- 1945

2nd Division Europe 1943- 45

C.B. Maxwell WW I 1914- 18

Hugh McLeod RCAF 32 Sqn

G.A. Maxwell WW I 1914- 18

Mary Boivin WAC UK

Robert G. Flann 156 Bat WW I 1914- 18

Bill Boivin 51st Anti- Tank

A. Maxwell  WW I 1914- 18

Charles Minty WW I

Arthur Sheperd 156 Bat WW I 1914-18

Ann R. Minty RCAF (WD)

James A. Brown WW I 1914- 18

William M. Robertson WW I

Capt (Rev) T.W. Tyson WW II 1939- 45

Norman Minty RCNVR

G.A. Bradley WW I 1914- 18

J.A. Morrison RCAMC 1942- 46

Capt Charles F. Blair WW II 1939- 1945

R.A. Budd CIB 5 Div 1943- 45

Wes Sheffield WW II

Harold Watson RCAMC 1939- 45

George Owens Vimy WW I

Joseph Morin WW II 1920- 1972

Donald S. Mather Died WW I

Sydney Murphy 51st Bty WW I

John A. Mather Served WW I

Gordon Oakley Korea Vet

Claire R. Heggtvert RCAMC (Lieut)

W.R. Newton 1st Div Sigs

Francis G. Heggtvert RCAF (S/S)

F/Lt Sydney G. Pickett RCAF 1940- 1945

W.K. Buchanan RCA Italy Nav

Douglas Todd F/Sgt RCAF

K. Cavers RCNVR Atl Convoys

Pr Gordon Sheppard PP can Infantry

Walter H. Smith Rifle Brigade KIA Aug 1917 WW I

Maj R.W. Jago MC France 1914-18, Pacific 1942-45

Alvin G. Ingram F/Sgt RCAF 1942- 1963

Ernest Todd F/Sgt RCAF

Ralph L. Larkin RHA 1914- 18 WW I


S. Mansfield CFA WW I 1914- 18

Arthur Wingate 1920- 2003 RCAF WW II

Samuel Hayes 21st Bn WW I

Albert Bertsch Wehrmacht, RCAF

Hubert Stamp Sapper WW I

Lt Colonel F.R. Feeborn MC Kor/Cyp 1924- 1974

A.U. Houle DFC & Bar RCAF 1940- 1965

Major S.G. Freeborn MC COSEF 1888- 1965

Reg Falls Army 1943- 1945

Charles T. Knox RCNV & HMS WW II

John W. Gibson RCAMC 1941- 46

RQMS Les Smith RCCS 1940- 1946, 1907- 1987

Bill Fyke GGFG

Cpl A. Kenneth Collins Grd Trenton 1942- 45

Doug Hyde GGFG

Allen Ginn, CPO, WW II

Capt James W. Button US Signals 1966- 71

Ronald Knox RCNVR WW II

Sgt Ken Smith RAF 1940- 46 237 Sqd  SEAC

Major Eric Isenor WW II Korea

W.K. Buchanan RCA Italy NEW

J.W. Duthie Scott CDS/Sgt RCCS WW II

Sgt Bill VanDenBosch 1941- 1945

John C. Avery RCAF

Bill Loftus 89 Sqd RAF WW II

R.A.B. Ellis RCAF

P.B. Donovan RCAF 1945-

F/L W.G. Maund RCAF

Barbara Goodwin LAW RCAF (WD)

Potter Family, Army, RCAF

A.M. Goodwin Lt RCA

W. Edward Clapp RCAF 1943- 1946,RAF 1947- 1950

Maj G.B. Fels RCE 1939- 1945

E.R. Hubbard QOR WW 1 & 2

Clifford Ball CGR CEF 1914- 18

Tpr Sadler H., 8th Recce, B72443

Jack Johnston Killed in action 1945

D. Humphreys, F/Lt RCAF 1941- 1945

James McGlade 5 Cav Regt WW I

Edward Morton CPO RCN

Capt A Camp OBE M Navy

G.C. Riley MBE F/O RCAF 1942- 1945

Lt Col P. Camp RE, WW II, Korea

John Broadfoot MBE Capt SWAC

H. Camp RA Killed in action 1916

Evelyn Crouch CWAC

Brig J.M. Melville, CBE, MC, RCE


Capt K. Camp, M Navy, WW II


Edward Ramsdale RCAF 1942- 1946


John A. Paul Armoured Corps


Ken Cavanagh 65th Tank Transport


D.E. Good RCAF 1941- 45


LCol H.E. Good, MC, CD, RCC Signals 1939- 45


In Memoriam of Manotick Veterans


Wilf Carter, 160th Bn, WW I


J.H. Chanonhouse 13th Brigade CFA


Marian Sadokierski Polish Div, N Africa, Italy


Russell Martin Navy WW II 1944- 45


Clifton McVicar, Army, WW II 1940- 45


Raymond McCrea Army WW II 1942- 46


D.W.E. Lindsay Ord Corps 42- 45


O.D. Couvrette WW2 D Day Vet 39- 45


Roy J. Henry 49th, 73rd, 21st Battery, CFA


Cpl G. Hayes Black Watch WW II


Sgt Fred Hayes RCASC Korea


Bruce Moodie WW II 1942- 45


W/C T. Mullen RCAF 1937- 1969


Raymond Thompson RCN WW II


S/Sgt S.R. Williams L. Superior Regt WW II






Remembrance Park:

Remembrance Park
This is a place to remember and to reflect
with gratitude on the contributions made
by those who served their country in war
and peace.
The park contains six floral gardens
dedicated to the Army, Navy, Air Force,
Merchant Navy, Peacekeeping
under a United Nations mandate,
and Homefront. Visit and enjoy.
This park contains features that make it
accessible to all users and is a partnership
between the City of Ottawa and the Royal
Canadian Legion Branch 314 (Manotick)
Opened July 2, 2017
Royal Canadian Legion
Branch 314 (Manotick)